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Department Tours

The Clintonville Police Department believes Public Relations are an important part of policing a community and for this reason we offer department tours. Our tours consist of showing individuals the operations of our department as well as the operations of some of our equipment and squad cars. We do not allow individuals access to any of our evidence or information into ongoing or sensitive investigations. Time is sometimes the factor as to how long and extensive our tours are, so we ask that you call ahead and set a specific time for a tour. Individuals of the city of Clintonville are encouraged to come and see what we do and how we operate.

Counter ACT

CounterACT is a drug and alcohol prevention program used by The Clintonville Police Department. CounterACT was developed by Hazelden Health Services and The Golden Valley Police Department in Minnesota. CounterACT is taught to all Clintonville 5th grade students in public and parochial schools. The reason it is taught to 5th grade students is because statistics have shown that children are most vulnerable this stage of there life and this may be the time they make the decision whether or not they are going to chose to use drugs, alcohol ,or other illegal drugs. The Clintonville Police Department wants to help them in making the correct decision. The Clintonville Police Department has four instructors trained in teaching the CounterACT Program. The Program is six sessions long with the final session being a parents/graduation session. The sessions are taught in the classroom, one session per week lasting approximately one hour. The parents/graduation night is held in the evening and the students put on skits demonstrating the CounterACT message they have learned. CounterACT was originally designed to teach students techniques to avoid the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs but in recent years has included a session to help avoid being in violent situations and being violent. CounterACT teaches a "Circle Technique" that helps an individual who may be pressured into using alcohol or drugs to "turn the table" on that individual or individuals and have them do a positive activity instead. Students are told that the technique may not work one hundred percent of the time but are encouraged to try the technique every time they are being pressured into a situation they are not comfortable with. CounterACT also teaches a team concept and students are encouraged to seek help with the pressure from another CounterACT Team Member.

Passport to the Future

Passport to the Future is a program developed by The Clintonville Chamber of Commerce and the schools in the Clintonville School System. Passport to the Future is designed for 5th graders to participate in and the police department has played an active role in this program for many years. Passport to the future is designed to help demonstrate how businesses in the community use the subjects of math and science to do their jobs so that students realize what they are learning now in school is relevant. Appointments are made at The Clintonville Police Department to also accommodate our schedule. Students who visit at least 15 businesses receive a certificate and students who visit at least 25 businesses receive a T-shirt.

Bicycle Patrol

The Clintonville Police Department does have a mountain bike used for patrolling. The bike is equipped with an accessory bag that includes a first aid kit and other items. The bike is equipped with a headlight and lighted reflectors. The bike patrol is an excellent opportunity for officers to interact with the public. Officers on bike patrol are much more inclined to stop and talk with other bicyclists and pedestrians because it is much more feasible than finding a place to park a squad car. Officers can go places with a bike that they can't in a squad car and are able to spend much more time patrolling otherwise inaccessible areas.


Clintonville Police Department along with the Clintonville School District created the position of Police School Liaison Officer in 1995. The liaison officer is primarily responsible to work with the youth of the community while assigned to the Clintonville School District. The liaison officer is responsible for enforcement of laws and ordinances, involvement in the educational development of youth and provides assistance to school personnel. Police school liaison officer assists school administrators and staff in school discipline and enforcement of school rules.

Fingerprinting Kids

Having all your child's personal information at hand in an emergency can be crucial. Clintonville Police Department carries personal fingerprinting and information cards for your children and will assist in fingerprinting and/or photographing your child for your records if you wish.

Parents should begin keeping record of their child's personal information right after birth. Fingerprinting of your child should begin about the age of 3. Parents may choose to fingerprint their child prior to the age of three, however the prints tend to be not as clear to identify. Records of your child should be updated regularly, preferably annually or sooner if your child's physicals change dramatically.

The information packets we carry at Clintonville Police Department are provided by Waupaca County Department of Health and Human Services and contain areas for all your child's information, including personal, family, friends, school, doctors and more. These packets can be obtained through our department or through:

Waupaca County Department of Health and Human Services 
811 Harding Street 
Waupaca, WI 54981 

And Healthy Start Health Care for Pregnant Women and Children 

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