Licenses and Permits

Animal License:  All cats, dogs, pigs and chickens must be licensed annually.  The license period runs concurrently with the calendar year.  The license fee is $10.00 for spayed or neutered pets and $15.00 for unaltered pets.  The license fee for chickens is $20.00. Any application received after March 31st is subject to a $15.00 late charge.  Applications for cats, dogs and pigs can be found here. The chicken license application and ordinance can be found here.  Completed applications can be mailed or brought to City Hall at 50 10th Street.  All applications must be submitted with payment and proof of rabies vaccinations as well as spay or neuter documentation.

Operator's License:  To obtain an operator's license, submit this application to City Hall at 50 10th Street along with the appropriate application fee.  Proof of completion of the Responsible Beverage Course must be submitted with the application.  This requirement is waived if the applicant has held a valid Operator's License in the State of Wisconsin within the last two years.  A list of Responsible Beverage Courses are available online at:  
Any application that omits information, whether intentionally or not, will be denied and a $25.00 non-refundable fee is charged for all rejected applications.  If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact City Hall or the Police Department.  If your licenses is denied, you will not be allowed to re-apply until a 30-day period, from the date of denial, has elapsed.

Child Work Permit: Child work permits are issued online by the Department of Workforce Development. The cost of each permit is $10.00 and is to be reimbursed by the child's employer. The following link will guide you through the permit process: 

Block Party Permit:  This permit is required in order to close any City street(s) for a public gathering of residents.  It must be filed with the Clerk-Treasurer no later than ten days prior to the event.  The application can be found here.  No permit will be issued if the proposed party involves the closing of a major street, bus route, hospital emergency route, or a street closed for repairs.  The City reserves the right to deny the permit for other reasons. 

Other Licenses:
Amusement Device License Application
Dance, Entertainment, or Music Event License Application
Direct Seller License Application
Junk Dealer License Application
Taxi License Application

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