Redevelopment Authority


The Redevelopment Authority, as established by Resolution 94-11, shall consist of members with terms of office as set forth in Wisconsin Statutes, Section 66.1333(3).

The Redevelopment Authority has the powers and duties as follows:

  1. All powers and duties as set forth in Wisconsin Statutes Section 66.1333(3).
  2. The Redevelopment Authority may develop data regarding the industrial and business needs, advantages, and sites in the City, cooperate with the Clintonville Area Chamber of Commerce and other groups, acquaint prospective industries and businesses with the advantages of the City, investigate State and Federal economic grants and aids, and, in general, study and make recommendations to the appropriate municipal bodies for the continuing improvement, development and redevelopment of the housing, commercial retail, and industrial climates of the City. The Authority may report from time to time on its activities to the Common Council.
  3. The Redevelopment Authority oversees the administration of all approved Tax Increment Finance District Plans. The Redevelopment Authority need not seek further approval from the Common Council for expenditures from an approved budget or TIF District Plan provided the actual funds are available.
  4. The Redevelopment Authority has the authority to administer the budget of the Economic Development Commission which remains for the budget year, 1994. Thereafter, the Redevelopment Authority submits annual budget requests for consideration by the Common Council.
  5. The Redevelopment Authority has the authority to design and administer economic development programs and incentives as allowed by ordinance, statute, administrative rule or other bona fide mechanism including but not limited to:
     1)  Tax exempt bond financing
     2)  Financing enhancements
     3)  Grants and loans for development/redevelopment, and
     4)  Development agreements
  6. Other powers and duties which may be assigned by the Common Council from time to time.

Current members of the Redevelopment Authority:

Brad Rokus, Chairperson, Alderperson

Tom Lederer, Alderperson

Greg Rose, Alderperson

Rick Goodell, Alderperson

Jack DeWolf, Citizen Member

Phil Wais, Citizen Member

Todd Taylor, Citizen Member

Committee staff support provided by Caz Muske, City Administrator.

Redevelopment Authority meetings are not held on a regular basis.  Please contact City Hall for the next meeting date and time.

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