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The Clintonville Police Department provides the City with 24-hour police protection and dispatch.  The Police Department is responsible for protecting persons and property and for providing a safe working and living environment for our residents and visitors.  The City employs 11 full-time officers, four part-time officers, four full-time dispatchers, and five part-time dispatchers.  The Chief and Captain are administrative positions and are non-union.  All officers, with the exception of part time officers, are in a union. Three of the ten full time union officers are classified as Sergeants and are line supervisors on the second and third shifts.   One of the full time union positions is a Police School Liaison Officer, which is funded by the Public School District at 50%. 

James Beggs, Chief of Police
Employed Since 1975

35 South Clinton Avenue
Emergency 911
Non-Emergencies (715)823-3117

Other Employees of the Police Department

Employee Name Position Employed Since
Craig Bevernitz Police SGT. 1994
Chris Wendorf Police SGT. - K9 2014
Andrew Hopfensperger Police SGT. 1985
Dennis Finger Police Officer / PSLO 1992
Dennis Schroeder Police Captain 1993
Matthew Wright Police Officer 2009
Mark Zachow Police Officer 1982
Craig Kamke Police Officer 2009
Robert McMillin Part Time Police Officer 1991
Andrew Kizewski Part Time Police Officer 2016
Anthony Arietta Police Officer 2012
Tyler Bartel Police Officer 2014
Susan Rohan Dispatcher 1992
Karen Wegenke Dispatcher 1993
Linda Monte Dispatcher 1998
Tabitha Schoen Dispatcher 1999
Dan Bouchette Part Time Dispatcher 2006
Sarah Bouchette Part Time Dispatcher 2007
Terri Anton Part Time Dispatcher 2005
Samantha Schwamer Part Time Dispatcher 2013
Megan Spence Part Time Dispatcher 2015

Official Page of the Clintonville Police Department

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Tours of the Police Department are obtained by calling the Police Department.


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