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On March 19, 2012 the City of Clintonville, Wisconsin, USA experienced the beginning of one week of a swarm of small earthquakes.  For four days the community was unable to determine the cause of the loud booming, rattling, explosion type noises being heard and felt in a large part of the City.   On Thursday, March 22 the United States Geological Survey was able to confirm that Clintonville experienced an earthquake on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 12:16 a.m.   This earthquake registered 1.5 on the earthquake magnitude scale. There is evidence that there were other small earthquakes but the epicenter and magnitude cannot be determined for the other events.   The City is continuing to learn more about this geological phenomenon.  Information is posted on the City’s website and Facebook page.  In addition, to show our community’s unity, T-shirts are for sale that say “I Survived the 1.5”.    The shirts can be purchased in the community at EconoFoods, Pamida, B&H Fashionwear and City Hall.  In addition you can have shirts shipped to you for an extra shipping charge.  Finally, shirts can be ordered online and shipped and an extra shipping and credit card processing fee have been added.   The profits from these shirts will be used to beautify or enhance something in our City as determined by the Mayor at a later date.   This is not meant to make light of a serious situation but to show that we, as a community, came together to get through the events of this week.  If you are in Clintonville, we still ask that if you hear or feel any further events to please call the Police Department at (715) 823-3117.  We again thank each of you for your part in this week’s events.  If you have any further questions or concerns please call City Hall at (715) 823-7600.


$10.00 ($15.50 shipped) - Adult Small through XL

$12.00 ($17.50 shipped) - 2XL

Download Order form, fill out and return (in person) with check to:

Clintonville City Hall
50 Tenth Street
Clintonville, WI  54929


For more information about Clintonville's Earthquake click here


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