City of Clintonville, Wisconsin

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Mayor and Alderpersons

The City of Clintonville has an elected Mayor that serves a two-year term.  The Mayor's responsibilities include presiding over the Council meetings and acting as the Chief Elected Official.  The Mayor assists the staff in carrying out the policy directives of the Common Council.  The Mayor holds regular weekly office hours to give the citizens of Clintonville, staff and other elected officials a chance to meet with them to discuss concerns.

The City of Clintonville also elects a ten member Common Council that is headed by the Council President.  The City is divided into five aldermanic districts.  Each district has two alderpersons that are elected to two-year terms.  The Council is charged with developing local policy through legislative process, and directing the activities of the staff. 

The City of Clintonville also has a number of independent Commissions and Boards that are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Common Council.  Some of the members of these entities are not Council members.

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Lois Bressette
(715) 701-0361
Term Expires April 2018      



District 1

Julie Stumbris
(715) 823-4720
Term Expires April 2017   

Lance Bagstad
(715) 823-7215 (work)
Term Expires April 2018      
District 2


Chuck Manske
(715) 823-2658 or (715) 460-4107 (cell)
Term Expires April 2018


Coming Soon!!  

Tammy Strey-Hirt
(715) 584-5633
Term Expires April 2017                       




District 3

Amy Steenbock
(715) 250-0151
Term Expires April 2018

Steve Kettenhoven
(715) 250-0077
Term Expires April 2017

District 4

Jim Supanich
(715) 823-3814
Term Expires April 2017

Mike Hankins
Council President
(715) 823-4444
Term Expires April 2018

District 5



Mark Doornink
(715) 701-1348
Term Expires April 2018

Brad Rokus
(715) 213-3498
Term Expires April 2017

Regular City Council meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. at Community Center.  Special meetings may be held at other times.



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