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The Entrance sign to the
Clintonville Municipal Airport

The City owns and operates a Municipal Airport on the southeast corner of the City.  The Airport handles all types of aircraft, including corporate jets.  It has two paved runways that are 4,600 and 3,300 feet long and one 2,010 foot grass runway.  The City has five commercial hangars along the ramps that are leased by four different aviation related companies.  There is no City water and sewer at the site so the buildings are served by a private well and septic system.  There are approximately 21 private hangars that others have built on the land leased to them by the City.  One of the aviation businesses operates the city owned fuel system.  The City has a part-time contract employee to serve as the Airport Manager to oversee all the operations at the Airport.  The Airport is currently erecting a chain link fence, surrounding the facility, for safety to keep the animals out.


This sign is located where people drive into the airport


Informative Airport Flyer

More information can be obtained at 

Map of the Clintonville Airport in Adobe Format (PDF)

Airport Commission

50 10th Street
Clintonville, WI  54929

Office (715) 823-7685
Automated Weather (715) 823-7691
Weathermation (715) 823-1402

Airport Employees


Kray Brown

Airport Manager

Employed since 2016


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